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We are a coffee education, experience, and events company proudly serving the city of New York since 2021.

So we founded Home Brew.

Coffee has never been better...

So why is your morning cup unremarkable?

Through our tastings and exhibitions, as well as our private classes, we empower you to taste, experience, and brew fantastic coffee like a true barista.

learn from the pros

Handmade espresso

The Italian-born art and science of the quick coffee. No shortcuts. No pods. Just incredible shots.

Meticulously Brewed Coffee

Your day should begin with the joy of a beautiful coffee, not disappointment and frustration. We will show you how.

Gorgeous Latte art

Stamped with a tulip, a heart, or even a swan--elevate your coffee to a treat for all your senses.

add some buzz to your event

Bring us to your social or business event, and we’ll produce a Tasting & Exhibition that is sure to stimulate conversation and linger in your guests’ memories long after the party has ended.

Bridal Shower

Guests Served: 30
Services: 2 Pour-over tastings, handmade espresso, latte art
Coffees: SPECTRUM COFFEES (BK, NY): Chichen, Guatemala - Manzana, Costa Rica - Rosegold Espresso Blend
Additional service: handcrafted cold brew gift bottles for guests

How It Works

01 choose a coffee experience

Are you looking for a private class? Perhaps a Tasting & Exhibition for your friends or colleagues? Or maybe you've got the event planned and just need some coffee pros to round it out--we're here to help.

02 Get in touch

Use the contact form on our website to submit an inquiry!

03 Let us tailor everything to you

After your inquiry, we correspond with to determine your coffee tastes, preferences, and equipment you have on hand.

04 great coffee, great time

We travel to your home or office and conduct an illuminating, unforgettable coffee experience that's certain to excite your passion and gratify your tastebuds.

successful Events & satisfied Clients


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Our Coffee Partners

Without great roasters, there can be no great coffee. We’re proud to introduce our carefully-selected, local roasting partners.

Spectrum Coffees (BK)

Transparently-priced, Superior washed coffees

Spectrum’s mission to clarify every cent that goes into sourcing and roasting world-class coffee aligns neatly with our mission to demystify the process of brewing, and every one of their new offerings we try reminds us why we got into this business in the first place.

Pucker Punch Coffee (NJ)

fresh, direct-from-farmer, natural coffees

Born from passion and the pandemic–much like us!–Pucker Punch offers the rare opportunity to drink some of the finest naturally-processed coffees in Colombia. Every bag we’ve received from them is bursting forth with the overripe miasma of freshly-roasted coffee.

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© 2022 Exclusive interior. All Rights Reserved.