We love coffee

After years of working in some of NYC’s finest third wave coffee establishments–Bluestone Lane, Terremoto, Kobrick Coffee (where we first met behind the bar)–Gio and I grew frustrated. We asked: why is there so much incredible coffee being produced and so few people able to make and appreciate it to its fullest capacity? We know the fault isn’t with the roasters, who are sourcing and producing coffee at the highest level in history. Nor is it the fault of the city’s coffee lovers, who just want to improve their day with a familiar brew.

Then we realized the problem is us: the Baristas.

All the extraordinary care and attention paid to coffee during its planting, growth, harvest, drying, processing, shipping, grading, and roasting–none of it matters if it isn’t brewed with love and respect.

So we started Home Brew.

Sam Barkley

Co-Founder + CEO

Sam grew up in Indianapolis and studied Theatre & Drama at Indiana University before making his home in NYC. As a boy, his mother was a flight attendant, and she would return from every single trip to Europe with rich, aromatic coffees in her suitcase. The memories of her faithfully grinding those beans in the morning and scaring up her foamy, Parisian cappuccino stay with Sam, and they inspire him to ensure every facet of Home Brew is administered with the same devotion as one who would carry coffee all the way across the ocean just for the perfect cup.

Giovanni Guerra

Co-Founder + Coffee Master

Gio is a proud native and still-resident of the Bronx. He first found his love of coffee from his grandfather, who would prepare Cafe Bustello in a Moka Pot on the stove–light and sweet, always. The methods and the beans have changed in his house since then, but the love and the care put into his loved ones’ morning coffee never will.